(based on the Stradivarius 1703 model)

-String length (from bridge to nut) = 335 mm
-For the construction of violins we only use impeccably dried woods of the highest quality
-Equally the soundboard of Spruce as the back of curly Maple are carved with the utmost care and rigour to obtain the optimum balance of tone
-Ebony fingerboard, tailpiece and tuning pegs
-The varnish is a hand applied, alcohol based lacquer, to which is added certain components to favour its elasticity and colour

with Resonance strings (designed by Sedo Garcia)

-String length (from bridge to nut) = 350 mm (4 strings like a viola) or 335mm (4 strings like a violin)
-German Spruce soundboard with inlaid bindings
-Back and ribs of curly grained Maple
-Maple neck and front facing peghead with purfling
-Ebony tuning pegs, tailpiece and fingerboard
-8 resonance strings with Steel small pegs on the posterior of the peghead. The resonance strings are introduced through the inside of the neck and supported on the bridge. With fine tuners on the posterior of the body near the saddle (the tailpiece).