In our workshop we also accept special orders even of instruments that we don't have in our catalogue, those which the client wishes made to a specific design or with innovative creation. In this department we have a great deal of experience, as since the opening of our workshop we have been constantly constructing many instruments out with those that we offer in out catalogue. In fact we have an area of our workshop that is dedicated to these types of orders. In order to complete these orders it is important to first collect all of the information and finalise all of the details of the instrument with the double objective that the instrument is functionally sound and satisfies the expectations of the client.



VIELLE (similar to the tenor viol). With 5 strings and with resonance strings. Carved soundboard and back.

MANDOLIN-BANJO With a neck two frets longer for a D-G-C-F tuning (a whole step lower than mandolin).

FEEDBACK ORGAN Made with wood pipes, ordered by La Orquestra Fireluche and made with the support of Esteve Farrés.


RENAISSANCE LUTE With 6 courses of strings. ..........................................

HURDY GURDY Special design in gothic style made with Rosewood and soundboard of Rosewood-dyed Spruce.

ANDALUSIAN RABÂB Nowadays played in Morocco by andalusian music bands, was developed in Mediaeval al-Andalus.